Mindful Alignments with The Yoga Farm 200- hour Yoga Teacher Training

* 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited 

This foundational 200-hour program will advance your practice, help you to dig deeper within the layers of yourself as well as digging deeper within the layers of yoga. 

This program is designed to build your confidence as the person you are,  it is designed to help you to find your voice and not only run with it but to flourish with it!

Forever friends will be made

You will dig deeper within yourself, more than you ever have before.


This program is not only designed for aspiring teachers but also for those who are interested in deepening their own practice and connecting their mind, body, and soul. 


Mindful Alignments with The Yoga Farm


- Advanced study of Asana (proper alignments, benefits + potential risks)

- Anatomy & Physiology 

- Hands on adjustments 

- How to observe bodies & modifications

- Building confidence & finding your inner voice

- Confidence through practice teaching various styles of Yoga. 

- Yoga history, Yoga philosophy, ethics. 

- The business of Yoga

-Prenatal Yoga

-Kids Yoga

- And so much more 

Next 200 hour program start date :

April 7, 2019- October 6,2019 (Central Village Location )