Class Descriptions (Colchester Location)

Morning Meditation and Movement (all levels, beginner friendly)

This class is to help revitalize and restore you from your previous week and gear up your body mind and soul for the upcoming week ahead. This class is all levels and beginner friendly, It is an introductory to basic mediation from breathing techniques to encourage emptying your mind and relaxation. The class will involve breath work with slow and steady movements along with slow and steady holding of postures to embrace sensations and stillness. 

Ashtanga Vinyasa (all levels)
Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India is a classical, dynamic practice synchronizing breath and movement through a progressive series of postures. This therapeutic sequence uses the three focal points of breath, posture and gaze to purify the nervous system, detoxify and strengthen the body and steady the mind. Through consistent practice one can cultivate mental focus, vitality and a deeper sense of self awareness. The practice is adapted to the individual as they are taught at their own level with adjustments made for all bodies and abilities.

Gentle Vinyasa 

This class is truly for all levels of your yoga journey. If you are brand new and excited to jump into yoga this is for you. This class with move into yoga postures and movements with breath and flow but in a slower pace.... you make take a few breaths into each movement allow time and breath and awareness to come into play a bit more . if you are long into your yoga journey this class is still for you. This class will allow you to take a step back, embrace feeling and sensations within your body and your mind. While you will still warm up your body, muscles , joints and even your mind , there is something about taking a small step back and feeling all the physical feelings that do not come from a high powered yoga class. Don't get us wrong, high powered yoga is magical ... but come try this for yourself !

Slow Gentle & Stretch

This class is a quick lunch break 50 minute class designed to help you relieve some stress and tension of the work day. Your body mind and spirit need some time during the day so this class is great to take some slow and steady movements, connect your breaths to your mind and just release for less than an hour. This is an all levels class, if you are brand new and have never taken a yoga class this is a perfect way to start 

and if you are a seasoned yogi this class is great of slowing it down and just taking some time for yourself . 

Flow + Grow Hatha Yoga (all levels, beginner friendly)

Hatha is a general category that includes most yoga styles. It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.It will be relatively gentle, slow and great for beginners or students who prefer a more relaxed style where they hold poses longerThis particular class will create some subtle and gentle body heat mixed with a lot of breath work and postures to open and relax tight muscles. 

Tranquility (all levels, beginner friendly)

Tranquility Tuesday is exactly what the name is ..... this class is pure bliss, perfect for seasoned yogis to slow and stretch their muscles for for beginners to jump in and start their yoga journey. This class is designed to help you take a step back and work on all the small and possible forgot small body parts and connect your physical body with your mind and soul. Guided mediations mixed with breath work and yoga asanas (postures) that are slowed down, relaxed and gentler. Postures may be held a little longer in a relaxed fashion to help open and relax all the tension, the facia of your muscles and help you to embrace the sensations your body and mind are starting to feel. 

Slow Vinyasa (all levels, beginner friendly)

Vinyasa is the connection of breath of every movement. Movements flow from breath to breath. Slow Vinyasa is just that, we move through breaths except we take the time to remain and slow down a bit. A few breaths are taken in postures in order to focus on: alignments, feeling your physical body ,embracing the sensations , breath work…this class is amazing for beginners as it is slower based and more focus on alignments and postures. But don't let it fool you, your muscles will quiver and you will embrace the physical sensations of your body.  You will leave feeling loved, self aware and have an overall awareness into your body and your mind. 

Vinyasa Flow (all levels )

This is an ALL- LEVELS Vinyasa flow class. Vinyasa means movements connected through every breath.  Vinyasa is movements flow from one to another and since breath is a life force what better to pair movements with than breath. This class is all levels so everyone is welcomed and encouraged. Your body will work up some mild heat all while your muscles get worked and activated. 

Moderate Vinyasa (all levels)

This class is a sight step up from a gentle Vinyasa yoga class.  In a Vinyasa yoga your movements are carried from one another connected by breath so they all flow together. This class is for ALL LEVELS we repeat .... ALL Levels ! so come and honestly try it out your self! You will warm your body up with breath and movements , a little more than the gentle vinyasa class but still attainable for the brand new yogi! 

Back to Basics Flow (all levels , Beginner Friendly)

This class is an all level class but also very beginner friendly as it will focus on proper Alignments variety of modifications all while creating some body heat with movements and breaths . Breath work will be a focus and will be intertwined into the entire class, through stillness and movements.