Little Roots: Children's Yoga program at The Yoga Farm

Little Roots Yoga for children is designed for children of varied abilities & needs. 

  • Children are uniquely wild little spirits & souls who need to spread their wings, kick of their shoes, let loose, and let their ROOTS dig deep!


The Little Roots children yoga program is designed at a fast pace.... because ..... little ones and sitting stiffer awhile.... yeah , not so much ! 

Each class & workshop is always different. There are stories, games, activities, breathing techniques, introductions to asanas, and music & movements.

various classes for ages, birth- 2 years

2 years -5 years

Emphase on :

  • Breathing techniques

  • introduction to asana's

  • moving their little bodies

  • love & light for all

  • coping skills for those little struggles that happen during those early years

  • having fun and bonding!

classes are always set up with an yoga course to get maximum movements and exploration , tunnels, hopscotch, locks and more .


Be sure to check out the schedule for regularly scheduled weekly classes as well as fun workshops and special events


Photos taken by Jamie Aubin at Jamie Aubin Photography